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Pledge to
Stop Shouting

Shouting is totally ineffective and utterly unnecessary. Recent research from the Anna Freud Centre shows us that reducing verbal abuse is the single most effective way we can counteract the rise of mental disorders in Children and Young people. We know that when children are shouted at frequently, the way their brain develops permanently changes. 

To stop shouting, to break the habit there are practical steps you can take.

The first and most important change is of course your own. Focus on a rational response and park your emotion. You need to be the most emotionally regulated human in the home. Create memorable scripts to keep you on the good foot, ramp up the positive noticing, establish key routines, embed true consistency and establish ‘how we do it here’. 


Get a bell to call them to dinner, refuse to raise your voice in the home, turn your volume down first. 


Make today the day you stop shouting and protect the relationship you have with your child. 

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