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Establish Key Routines

There are random routines that most homes will follow every day. Whether it’s frantically brushing teeth whilst trying to get out of the door in the morning or eating our children’s leftovers whilst supervising them at bath time. Households that have deliberate, planned and consistent routines are likely to be calmer and less emotional.

They identify the pressure points where things might unravel, where both adult and child behaviour can escalate quickly and plan to avoid them. 


Planning routines and sticking to them relentlessly will reduce those pressure points and make it easier for everyone to remain regulated. 


Routines should be simple and it is useful to think about they can be communicated. Visual routines can work well and you can use them to remind one another of expectations. They can be useful for planning and supporting the smooth operation of the school run, dinner time, bed time etc.


Routines shouldn't be linked to material rewards but should instead be embedded into ‘how we do it here’ with clarity and consistency.

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