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Establish 'How we do it here'

Every house will have rules. We all have expectations about how our children will behave and yet there are very few households that have clear, accessible rules. What are the rules of your home? How do you do it there?


At our house, we use the 3 simple rules that are used at school; ready, respectful and safe. We value honesty, kindness and teamwork. We give each other time, particularly when we are tired and don’t go to bed on an atmosphere. ‘Here’ is our safe place and when things are difficult we come together first.


‘How we do it here’ is something that your whole household should contribute to and something that everyone should feel invested in. Although ‘How we do it here’ can make a lovely poster, canvas or fridge decoration, it should also be something that is spoken and referred to both proactively and preventatively.


Thinking about 3 rules is a great place to start and will help you really focus on what matters at your house

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