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What is relational parenting?

Teaching your child how to behave without compromising on the quality of your relationship.


Why does relational parenting matter?

It matters because the quality of the relationship between a child and their parent or caregiver will determine every future relationship they have, including the one they have with themselves.


Where do I start?

You start by realising that the only behaviour you have total control over is your own. To change your child's behaviour, the change starts with you.

How hard is this going to be?

Hard at first and then life changing. Changing behaviour takes time for children, sometimes longer for adults. The good news is that our approach is highly practical and will give you something you can change today. We walk with you, helping you change incrementally, drip by drip by drip.

Where do I buy the book for Parents?

If you are looking to order more then 10 copies of When The Parents Change, Everything Changes, then we can offer you a discounted bulk buy rate. If you want to order less then 10 copies you can find When The Parents Change, Everything Changes on Amazon or in any good bookshop. 


Have you recorded an Audiobook?

Yes. You can listen to When The Parents Change, Everything Changes on Audible - It is Paul reading the book.

Will this work for my child?

We have worked in thousands of schools with hundreds of thousands of children. There is not a single child that doesn't benefit from feeling loved, safe, secure and supported. It won't be a replacement to specialist interventions but it will vastly improve your child’s behaviour. It will also transform the culture in your home. Most importantly, it will strengthen your relationship beyond measure.  


Does this approach work with step children?

Absolutely, although the book is called ‘When The Parents Change’, we use this term to apply to any adult that loves, cares or is otherwise responsible for the behaviour of a child or young person. These strategies can be applied to any family in any home. 


Do I need my partner onboard?

In the long term there needs to be consistency with adults in your home. You might have to take the lead or support your partner in their understanding of relational practice and development of relational skills. Start small, think about what is most important in your home and remember things will look very different 30 days from now.


I co-parent, can this work?

Yes absolutely

Do you work with parents on a one to one basis?

Outside of our book we are unable to work with parents on a one to one basis. We work with organisations, policy makers and stakeholders across Children’s Services. We continue to work with thousands of children and families through our work in schools. 

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