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This book will help you tackle every supermarket tantrum and sarcastic eye-roll

The culture of any home is determined by the parents. If you can remain unflappably calm in the face of every supermarket tantrum and sarcastic eye-roll, order will soon follow.

Here, bestselling author, Paul Dix, reveals how to turn even the most chaotic home into an oasis of calm – by focusing not on your children’s behaviour, but on your own. You will never need to raise your voice again.

In this fantastic book Paul empowers us parents to put our energy and focus where we can have the most influence: over our own behaviour. With wit and warmth, he teaches us the most miraculous thing - that when we change, our children change too. This is a book every parent needs to read. -- Zoe Blaskey, creator of Motherkind

Many of us have children. Not enough of us truly parent. In this transformative book, Paul Dix offers a simple method to revolutionise the culture in your home - one that will change your children's behaviour and yours. He gets it: the most important part of high performance is high-performance parenting, and this book shows you how to get there. -- Jake Humphrey, author of High Performance

A highly practical, down-to-earth, well-reasoned book. It would enrich the parenting of anyone. -- Barry Carpenter OBE, Professor of Mental Health in Education, Oxford Brookes University

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