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Behaviour specialist, author, education reformer and advisor. Helping teachers and headteachers across the world with transformational relational behaviour practice.

After countless attempts to sabotage his own education, Paul Dix miraculously trained at Homerton College, Cambridge, before going on to work as a teacher at some of Britain’s most challenging urban schools. Over the next three decades, Paul would develop a unique approach to behaviour change – one rooted in the positive, loving behaviour of the adults. In the years since developing his method, Paul has given evidence to Parliament, been featured in The Times, Guardian and on BBC News, and seen his framework applied in over 100,000 classrooms worldwide.

When, in 2002, Paul became a dad, he began to wonder whether his behaviour change method might just work for parents too. Over the next two decades, he would learn how the positive, calm, relational strategies he developed for the classroom can also transform the culture of any home. Now, for the first time, Paul introduces his findings to the most important audience of all: parents.

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