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Build your Pride Patch

Lots of homes will have pictures of their children posing in their school uniform or otherwise pruned, primed and appropriately posed for photos that make the adults in their lives feel proud. However, the idea of a pride patch - whether it’s on your wall, the fridge or the back of a door - is to make your child feel proud. 


To build your Pride Patch you should take pictures of your children when they are doing the right thing; proud of their spotless rooms, studying diligently or showing off their award. Capture the goals they attempt, not just the ones they score. Celebrate mistakes, show off the colourings that have gone outside the lines and the stories with words, even sentences, scrubbed out.


Build your pride patch and make it a focal point in your home. Share it with guests, use it to scaffold intentions for the day, to support positive noticing and remind children of positive behaviours when they find themselves wobbling. 


Your pride patch is designed to grow but you can start today with an old photo and a positive note that you can save. 

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