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Develop your Scripts
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We know that words matter but staying calm when behaviour is wobbly and emotions are high can be really difficult. It is often the words that feel counterintuitive in those moments that are the words we most need to use.

Having a plan for what to say when things are difficult will help us avoid saying things that we might regret. Using language that is clear, calm and predictable will help us protect the relationship we have with our children and nurture their wellbeing. Even when things get tough. 


Scripts are helpful sentence starters that will ensure we model positive behaviour and teach our children how to behave simultaneously.


Some of our favourite bits of scripts include:


  • I’ve noticed that…

  • Remember our rule about…

  • I need you to…

  • I understand and yet…

  • This is how we do it here

  • Love that! (and walk away)


You can start today with one or two scripts and build upon them over time.

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