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Practice Positive Noticing

Positive Noticing is simple, practical and highly effective. It is an everyday relational strategy, any time, any place. Positive Noticing is different to being nice. It is deliberate and it will build your child’s confidence, resilience and self belief.


Some ideas for positive noticing include:

  • ‘I noticed you washed your plate, that’s really helped me this morning, thank you!’

  • ‘Great effort with your homework today! Love that’

  • ‘You are so good at sharing with your sister’

  • ‘I noticed that you were really kind to Theo at school, it made me really proud of you’

  • ‘Thank you for putting your clothes in the wash basket'


Think about how many times you have positively noticed your children in the last 7 days. We want you to aim for 5 a day. Get a few in before school, a few between pick up and dinner time, a couple during your evening routines and some at bed time.


Positive Noticing is a lovely thing to practice and establish as a norm in your house. You can talk about what you have positively noticed about others at dinner or even at bed time. You can positively notice one another, it doesn’t have to be an adult:child interaction - it’s important to everyone and a wonderful habit to instil in all the members of your family. 

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